Zensonic z500 and Internode Radio

I've finally gotten Internode radio working on the z500 - by manually editing the XML file containing the list. Thankfully Zensonic included wget so I could make up the list on my favourite text editor, instead of having to use the evil, evil, vi that is included on the z500's linux distro.

To upload the new station list, telnet to your z500 (log in as "root") and cd to /tmp/settings. Now move the existing WebRadioStations.xml file so you have a backup in case you ever want to go back to the original settings (eg "mv WebRadioStations.xml WebRadioStations.xml.orig"). Now use wget to download the new list to your z500. "wget http://www.dorksville.net/files/z500/WebRadioStations.xml"

The next time you browse the Web Radio (SHOUTcast) list, you should see only the Internode streams.

These streams are only available to Internode customers, see www.internode.on.net/radio for more details

More New Stations!

I've updated it again to add the new stations [url=http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=716472]Kingsley added[/url] over easter (SKY.FM Classic rock is great!)

Works with up to firmware 1.4.3. I've avoided 1.6 since I don't like the new shoutcast interface.

New stations

I've added a couple of new stations to the list. ABC Radio and Indie Pop Rocks.

ABC doesn't work yet - still trying to get the z500 to handle ipaddress:port/listen.mp3 instead of just ipaddress:port.

hey ,,, thanks for the new

hey ,,, thanks for the new set of radio stations,,,, like you i have a Z500 and am with internode...
Have you managed to add any more stations as yet and got abc ones to work.....

More new stations

Internode recently added a couple of community radio stations (JoyFM and 3CR), I've added them to the list.

The ABC streams are slightly different to the normal Internode streams. The Internode stream URLs are just hostname and port number, while the ABC streams have triplej.mp3 or digradio.m3u after the port name. The Z500 doesn't seem to like those.

The z500 1.5 firmware is due out in a couple of weeks, it will have an upgraded shoutcast section and I'm hoping it will let us listen to the ABC streams.

beta 1.5

Hey Matt,, have you tried the new Beta version now that we are waiting on 1.6 firmware for the Zensonic...
Does it allow us to now input all the internode stations plus more as in ABC etc,, or can we still update it as previous as a file.
I really like all the stations how they are and sure would love to add more,, though is it worth upgrading to the beta version or will i lose all the stations i now have...

Edit: I have since tried the beta version,, and discovered cant telnet so changing the stations back to internode was useless.. have since converted back to 1.4 firmware and reupdated with your .xml file.

I experimented with trying to delet and add some of my own stations to your .xml and then wget it to the z500,, the transferring the file of my altered version was fine, though when i would try and open it on the z500, it would come up as error. opening file.

what do i need to do. Is there a proper process besides just grabbing an editor and going for it.. I've never done this before.


It's all about the syntax (and the bugs)

You need to get the syntax 100% correct, or the z500 will reject it. It also doesn't like doing DNS resolution, so you have to use IP addresses - ipaddress:port is the only way to get it working. It also doesn't like 0 (zero) in the station name field. The ABC streams that have a full URL don't work (and it doesn't look like they'll ever work, going by what has been said in the ziova forums).

I'm looking at replacing my z500 with a [url=http://www.beyonwiz.com]Beyonwiz[/url], and if it doesn't support Shoutcast the way I like it, I'll probably buy a [url=http://www.rokulabs.com/products_soundbridge.php]Rocku Soundbridge[/url].