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and justice for some

Freedom is something we take for granted here, we are pretty lucky, no wars on our doorstep, relative affluence. Even scum of the earth murderers and rapists have a lawyer, a fair trial and are excluded from society for a couple of years, in gaol's that, in comparison to other parts of the world, are like a hotel. Because even vile humans have rights.
It's because of these rights that USA had to torture suspects offshore, Maher Arar was sent to Syria to be tortured. He says here [url][/url] that the severe torture inflicted upon him would force him to say anything the torturers wanted to hear. What a way to get accurate and reliable information...

stupid comics

jam made some stupid comics. so i followed suit.

ogle at the stupidity !

submit your own .... but only if you do not have a single shred of artistic talent (just like us)



How you know you've been on holidays for too long

I woke up at about 1am Sunday morning. I sat up in bed, thinking "this is a really strange hotel room". It was just the bed and some built-in wardrobes. There was no big tv or fridge or phone - or bathroom. There was, however, a suitcase sitting on the floor.

I must have woken Shelley up, as she then got up and went down the hallway. I decided to visit the bathroom while I was awake, so i looked around on the floor for some pants so I wouldn't surprise the other guests as I walked down the hall.

It was only then that I had a look out the window and realised I was in my own bedroom.

Three weeks in Canada

Well, we're back home (and I'm back at work). I took about 6400 photos during our 3 weeks in Canada, most of which all looked the same. I guess that's what happens when you spot your first polar bear and hold down the shutter for minutes at a time, pausing only to change memory cards.

Overall, it was an excellent holiday. The only way it could have been better is if we went to Knight Inlet to see the grizzlys as well, as many people in our tour group had done.


UPDATE: Muahahah, I got some ! Convenience store at Broadway. Check it out bitches I got lots of packets

Remember Toobs ? Everyone remembers Toobs. They were the best chips ever ! But then they stopped making them.

But they have returned ! Smith's have brought them back - they are apparently available now.

There's a thread on zgeek over here

One of the enterprising folks from zgeek wrote to Smith's asking where to get TOOBS in their local area (which used to be my local area annoyingly enough) - I thought I'd do the same.

My computer illiteracy and why geeks are useful

I finished the assignment around midnight the night before it was due. ‘Ahh, hard parts over’ I thought. All I had to do now was burn it onto a disc as the lecturer insisted it be submitted either on disc or uploaded. Then everything went wrong….

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[01:43] (moregon) HELP
[01:43] (moregon) is anyone awake
[01:43] (synfx) sup
[01:43] (moregon) TIM
[01:43] (moregon) this fucking uni assignment

Rally Driving

For her birthday, I bought Shelley an Extreme Driving half day rally drive, located near Cessnock in the Hunter Valley. She had a great time sliding around in the dirt in the WRX, while I had a great time taking photos with my new 100-400mm camera lens - I ended up taking about 1200 photos over 4 hours. The 100-400 was just THE perfect lens for taking photos of the action.

Lying for the greater good

I lied again! But but but I was forced to! Sw held a gun to my head. Ok that's a lie too
And it was such a horrible lie "No there will be no celebration of you turning 30, we tried but all of your friends hate you" Well, your friends are lame and can't be bothered was closer to what was claimed. That was clearly a lie though, everyone turned up! Awwww the love. Sometimes lying is good *nod*

Find the movie titles

Apparently there are 100 movie titles depicted in this image. Try and find them all.

Click here for the image

Post a reply listing your finds.

I'm about to moon you all

So now I've got this huge 100-400mm lens for my camera, I thought I'd borrow Julie's 2x teleconverter and take another shot of the moon with this 800mm lens.

Since the lens is normally f/5.6 at 400mm, it will lose autofocus with any teleconverter when mounted on my Canon 350D. A 2x teleconverter loses two stops of light, making the 400mm f/5.6 lens into an 800mm f/11 (see this page for an explanation of f stops).

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