and justice for some

Freedom is something we take for granted here, we are pretty lucky, no wars on our doorstep, relative affluence. Even scum of the earth murderers and rapists have a lawyer, a fair trial and are excluded from society for a couple of years, in gaol's that, in comparison to other parts of the world, are like a hotel. Because even vile humans have rights.
It's because of these rights that USA had to torture suspects offshore, Maher Arar was sent to Syria to be tortured. He says here [url][/url] that the severe torture inflicted upon him would force him to say anything the torturers wanted to hear. What a way to get accurate and reliable information...
Same story in Guantanamo
Many Guantanamo detainees have been released, with no charges against them, and claim they were tortured in Guantanamo.
This tells me, that many detainees may be innocent. Yet we wouldn't know for sure, because detainees such as David Hicks have been imprisoned in this rat hole for 5 years without a trial. We don't even know what he's actually done wrong, but in Australia even gang rapists have their day in court.

Yes we take our freedom for granted. But think, what sort of precedent does this set? If you're ever caught up in a situation, an innocent party in the wrong place at the wrong time the Government can have you shipped offshore so the rights you always thought you had are now denied you.
To fight for democracy, for everyone, even the bad people, send this email to the PM, Amnesty has a template so you don't even have to think [url][/url]