My computer illiteracy and why geeks are useful

I finished the assignment around midnight the night before it was due. ‘Ahh, hard parts over’ I thought. All I had to do now was burn it onto a disc as the lecturer insisted it be submitted either on disc or uploaded. Then everything went wrong….

Session Start: Thu Oct 19 01:42:57 2006
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* Set by nymphomeliac on Tue Oct 17 17:54:26
[01:43] (moregon) HELP
[01:43] (moregon) is anyone awake
[01:43] (synfx) sup
[01:43] (moregon) TIM
[01:43] (moregon) this fucking uni assignment
[01:43] (moregon) i have to use hyperlinks
[01:43] (moregon) and its submitted either online or we hand in the disc
[01:44] (moregon) so i saved all 10 documents im hyperlinking on the same disc
[01:44] (moregon) as the document
[01:44] (moregon) it all worked, all linked
[01:44] (moregon) to check i tried on my brothers laptop
[01:44] (moregon) it wont work
[01:44] (moregon) it only seems to work on the computer i set up the hyperlinks on
[01:45] (synfx) word documents?
[01:45] (moregon) yes
[01:45] (moregon) some images
[01:45] (moregon) but it all worked the first time
[01:45] (moregon) its due in 12 hours FUCK
[01:46] (synfx) what happens when you click the links?
[01:47] (moregon) now it has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark
[01:47] (moregon) "cannot open file"
[01:48] (Eccles) probably linked to a specific directory on your hard drive? edit the hyperlink to remove the c:\omg\some\huge\mydocs
[01:48] (Eccles) \dir
[01:48] (moregon) eek what
[01:48] (Eccles) part, and leave the filename
[01:48] (moregon) huh
[01:48] (moregon) ...
[01:48] (Eccles) lol
[01:48] (synfx) edit the hyperlinks
[01:48] (synfx) so the only thing in them is the filename of the other file to link to
[01:48] (synfx) so it'll look in the same directory
[01:49] (Eccles) yeah
[01:49] (moregon) then ill have to burn it to another disc eh
[01:50] (Eccles) yah
[01:50] * moregon screams
[01:57] (moregon) argh
[01:57] (moregon) dont know if its working
[01:57] (moregon) fuuuuuuuuuuck
[01:57] (Eccles) eep
[01:57] (Eccles) hyperlinks suck
[01:57] (Eccles) lol
[01:58] (Eccles) does it still open the files for you after you take out the folder names?
[01:59] (moregon) im going to cry
[01:59] (moregon) yeah on this computer
[01:59] (moregon) dont know about on disc
[02:00] (Eccles) you can test it
[02:00] (synfx) if you messed with the hyperlink addresses and it still works, that's a good sign
[02:01] (Eccles) move (not copy) all the original files to a new folder and see if they still work in the new folder
[02:01] (Eccles) if they work in the new folder then they should work on disk
[02:02] (Eccles) but yeah if the folder part is gone, and the links still work, then it sounds fixed
[02:02] (moregon) ok ill try that b4 i waste another disc
[02:02] (Eccles) hehe
[02:04] (moregon) move to a new folder?
[02:04] (Eccles) yeah errr lol
[02:04] (moregon) ?
[02:05] (Eccles) use explorer to go to where the files are
[02:05] (Eccles) create new folder in there
[02:05] (Eccles) then drag them into it
[02:05] (Eccles) probably in my documents? maybe just open up mydocs
[02:06] (moregon) it wont
[02:06] (moregon) it says its being used
[02:06] (moregon) its not
[02:06] (moregon) FUCK
[02:06] (Eccles) gah
[02:06] (Eccles) stupid windows
[02:07] (Eccles) you've closed word and everything? hmmm maybe it's locked by the cd burning stuff?
[02:07] (moregon) fucken
[02:07] (moregon) ill jyst burn it
[02:07] (moregon) and hope
[02:09] (moregon) re format?
[02:09] (Eccles) hmmmm
[02:09] (synfx) erase
[02:09] (Eccles) good Q I've never played with them in xp
[02:09] (Eccles) ah erase is the word lol
[02:09] (moregon) i have formatted
[02:10] (synfx) erase is the word in nero
[02:10] (synfx) XP does packet writing by itself
[02:10] (synfx) which worries me
[02:10] (Eccles) hmmm
[02:10] (moregon) oh god what r u talking about
[02:10] (synfx) nerdulence
[02:10] (Eccles) lol
[02:11] (moregon) what do i have to do
[02:11] (moregon) before reburning
[02:11] after formatting
[02:11] (synfx) right-click the disc in my computer and see if there's anything about erasing a cd-rw in it
[02:12] (Eccles) yeah theres supposedly an "Erase the CD-RW" button on the task bar you can click lol
[02:12] (moregon) no
[02:12] (synfx) well
[02:12] (synfx) i don't run windows xp on any machine with a cd burner
[02:12] (synfx) :/
[02:12] (Eccles) yeah I'm googling it lol
[02:12] (moregon) it didnt format
[02:12] (moregon) FUCK IT
[02:13] (moregon) ill use a new disc
[02:13] (Eccles) lol
[02:13] (synfx) yeah, leave it to figure out when it's not 2am :/
[02:14] (moregon) if this doesnt work i am so fucked
[02:14] (synfx) you can submit online right?
[02:14] (moregon) for some reason my colourful cds wont work
[02:14] (moregon) and they are the same brand, verbatim
[02:15] (synfx) imma go do the dishes
[02:15] (synfx) bbs
[02:15] (moregon) WHERE HAVE MY FILES GONE
[02:15] (moregon) phew
[02:15] (moregon) i moved em
[02:15] (Eccles) lol
[02:17] (Eccles) yeah in the left pane, in the cd drive where you 'Write these files to CD' - there's also a "Erase this CD-RW" thang
[02:18] (moregon) oh god
[02:20] (moregon) I SAVED IT
[02:20] (moregon) FROM THE WRONG FILE
[02:20] (moregon) ECC
[02:20] (moregon) the wrong folder
[02:20] (moregon) not where i moved it to
[02:20] (Eccles) lol
[02:20] (moregon) i just wasted the last good disc
[02:20] (moregon) ON NOTHING
[02:20] (Eccles) lol
[02:21] (moregon) FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK
[02:21] (moregon) if this wasnt funny id cry
[02:21] (Eccles) lol
[02:23] (Eccles) I'm sure it'll be ok now :p I sleeeeeep night guys
[02:23] (Eccles) good luck with it mel
[02:23] (Eccles) byeees
[02:24] (moregon) thanx ec
[02:28] (moregon) ok both cds are verbatim
[02:28] (moregon) why do the coloured ones SUCK
[02:29] (moregon) oh no
[02:29] (moregon) i think im gonna have to format the good cds
[02:29] (moregon) HELP
[02:45] (moregon) tim?
[02:45] (synfx) back
[02:46] (synfx) sup
[02:46] (synfx) speak fast. sleep soon
[02:47] (moregon) its fucked
[02:47] (moregon) ok i tried to submit online
[02:47] (moregon) but its a folder
[02:47] (moregon) with 10 files
[02:47] (moregon) and will only let me submit one file
[02:47] (moregon) so i need to format a disc
[02:47] (moregon) i tried and it didnt work
[02:48] (synfx) make a zip file and submit that
[02:48] (moregon) what
[02:48] (moregon) how
[02:48] (synfx) select all your assignment files, right click, then there'll be something like save files to archive
[02:48] (synfx) or create archive
[02:49] (synfx) it'll create a zip files with them in it, then you can submit that
[02:49] (moregon) no?
[02:49] (synfx) are you using windows xp?
[02:50] (moregon) it doesnt say archive
[02:50] (synfx)
[02:50] (synfx) doh
[02:50] (synfx) send to -> compressed (zipped) archive
02:50] (synfx) folder*
[02:51] (moregon) yes
[02:51] (moregon) !
[02:51] (synfx) yay
[02:52] (moregon) thank you
[02:52] (moregon) you saved my life
[02:52] (synfx) just an assignment :P
[02:52] (moregon) i wouldve jumped off the roof by 5am
[02:53] (moregon) tim
[02:53] (moregon) now the hyperlinks dont work
[02:55] (moregon) FUCK
[02:58] * Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Oct 19 02:58:19 2006

Session Start: Thu Oct 19 02:59:13 2006
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* Set by nymphomeliac on Tue Oct 17 17:54:26
[02:59] (moregon) computer dying
[02:59] (moregon) can i call you?
[02:59] (synfx) uhh
[02:59] (synfx) what else do you need?
[02:59] (moregon) the hyperlinks wont work in the zipped folder


IRC wasn’t working on my laptop that night, so I unplugged my brother’s laptop and used it for IRC in my room. At this point the laptop’s battery dies, and I dont see the next message, which would have prevented the next two hours of panic.

[03:00] (synfx) do they work when you copy them out of it again?
[03:00] * Disconnected

At this point I ring Jam (it’s 3am Thursday morning, he has to be at work that morning at 9am) and we eventually discover the hyperlinks throughout the assignment do work when the files have been extracted. I tried uploading massive files twice before he told me to delete the pictures and resize them and replace them. I finished at 5am

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim, Ec and most of all Jam