Taronga Zoo

On Saturday, we went to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Recently we've been to Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo, and Canberra Zoo (which, obviously, is in Canberra). We've also recently been to the Australian Repile Park, at Gosford.

Dubbo was the best zoo - open plains instead of wire cages. Canberra comes a close second, as we went on the zooventure tour (which is where you get to hand-feed the big cats and bears).

Taronga was nice, but it seemed like the animals were bored and couped up in small enclosures. However, I did manage to get some photos :)

Taronga is still without any Elephants (The African Elephants are currently at Dubbo, the Asian Elephants are yet to be put on display). The Seals and Penguins exhibit ("Southern Ocean") is still being built. Most of the animals sit around during the day not doing much, however later in the afternoon they get more active (especially the Red Pandas). However, the zoo closes at 5pm. It might well be worth doing the "Roar & Snore" overnight tour.