3801 Grey Nurse

Steam loco 3801 is back on the rails, after having new tyres put on, and a new coat of paint. Last week it ran a test trip down to Wollongong, I was lucky enough to be home that day (we were going to Ettalong that weekend) so I wandered down to the station carpark to have a look.

A few minutes after I arrived, Supersix and his mate rock up in their delivery truck - and climb on the roof for a better view. They invited me up there, so we all had a great view of 3801 as it stopped right in front of us while waiting for the signal to clear.

This weekend, 3801 did a Newcastle Flyer. I positioned myself overlooking the Main Rd overbridge at Cardiff, along side another railfan who had a video camera. 3801 flew past - it was all over in about 10 seconds, but I did manage to get a few decent shots.

The grey colour scheme is how 3801 originally looked in the 1940's. It is just a primer undercoat that needs several months to cure before they apply the new topcoat.

3801 in Grey Nurse livery can be seen here.