Firefox -v- MSIE

Today I found a really stupid website. It's a blog powered by wordpress. If you visit it using Internet Explorer, it displays the page as it should be. Two seconds later it throws up a stupid screen saying that this site isn't compatible with IE and that you should use Firefox instead.

Wordpress works fine with IE - this guy is just fighting some stupid religious war, and religious wars are just plain stupid.

What bullshit. I guess that guy doesn't want 90% of the internet to read his blog. I use IE, Firefox and Opera, yeah Firefox is ok - but it has problems just like IE does.

I just wish these morons would stop trying to force other people to do what they think is best. Looking at this idiot's blog in Opera, it appears he's in year 9 at school. Does this 14 year old really think he knows better than me?

Update: OK I've found the real reason. Google seems to be paying webmasters $1 for each person that clicks on the download firefox link on that really annoying popup page. Now I understand why it's so tempting for stupid webmasters to do it. Personally, i'd rather people be able to read my site in the browser of their choice.