Zensonic Z500 Network Media Player

The Zensonic Z500 networked digital media player gives users four connectivity options in one unit: wireless networking, Ethernet wired networking, optical disc playback and USB 2.0 hard drive connection.

The Z500's music playback capability handles all the formats enthusiasts have longed for, including the high definition FLAC lossless compressed format, OGG, AAC (commonly used in Apple iTunes**), MP3, Windows Media Audio 9, CD Audio and others.

Video playback is also astonishingly comprehensive. The Z500 handles playback in Windows Media Video 9, XviD, Nero Digitalâ„¢, MPEG-4, QuickTime MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, DVD, and other formats.

I bought one of these on the weekend. It will save me from having to convert lots of xvid avi files to DVD-RW, and also does a heap of other funky things.

Strathfield had one left in stock, after I got sick of waiting for these idiots to get on in stock - "a few more days" riiiight.

Wired ethernet works perfectly, it just sees SMB shares on our PCs. Wifi is a bit more problematic, signal strength is all over the place, and it has trouble seeing SMB shares. I also had trouble enabling WEP (WPA support is planned). So now I've got an ethernet cable running across the floor, around the corner, down the stairs, and along the ceiling to get to the tv cabinet.

See www.z500series.com for more details.