Annoying Telemarketing

Tip: Don't piss off a geek. Yes, I'm talking to you Shadi Rifai.

I'm getting a hell of a lot of telemarketing calls at work and at home, however the home calls seem to have died off since I signed up to the ADMA Do-Not-Call-List.

The calls at work are usually people trying to sell stuff - usually Toner or seminars. They've resorted to giving out free gifts (like MP3 players) if I order toner today. I had one call today advertising a legal IT conference in Melbourne (for $2400 per person!). He asked if I was interested, probably not. He then asked me why I was not interested in learning how to improve my firm's bottom line. Of course I am - I'm just not interested in giving him $2400.

I ended up relenting and giving him my email address - rather the general mailbox address instead of my real email address. 5 minutes later, reception calls me and wants to confirm my email address - they just had a caller who wanted it. I had a feeling it was that marketing guy wanting my real address - which was confirmed when I received his email to my real email address.

So now I'm pissed. All you spammers out there feel free to send him some email at