Party Party Party

Yet another family member is getting married. This time it's my cousin Derek (or DB as he seems to prefer) in a year from now. It will be my 5th family wedding in 3 years.

Derek and Belinda held their engagement party this weekend in Newcastle. DB actually had to book the venue BEFORE he popped the question to Belinda - thanks to all the Christmas parties that seem to happen at this time of year.

DB, for those who won't know, does breakfast radio on NXFM in Newcastle. Damo will be best man, and was MC for the night. Steve gave a speech and Jackie O also turned up (DB used to be her producer at 2DAY FM).

The wedding will be at the Hunter Valley Gardens - DB seems to be a fan of my wedding, as he is also having the ceremony, reception and accomodation all within walking distance of each other.

Photos I took at the party are here