Fear and loathing in a G-set

Tonight, I caught the 5:15 Martin Place - Port Kembla train from Town Hall to Sutherland. Usually it's a very civilised and peaceful train.

Not so tonight. I boarded the train at town hall, and headed downstairs where I spotted an empty aisle seat. So I sit down, next to me is an older lady who was sewing. While this is not usually a problem, this woman decided she had a right to use up as much space as she desired without any regard for other passengers.

She's sewing away, waving her arms all over the place - constantly elbowing me and waving her sewing needle in my face. By the time we get to Redfern, I'd decided to ask her to stop. She replied with "Well you didn't have to sit there". I wasn't even taking up all my seat, she she didn't seem to understand that she was taking up more room than she should. Explaining this to her was a lost cause, she just kept sewing.

I was rather concerned that I'd get a sewing needle in my face or my leg, so I decided to move. My rather large bag may have accidently connected with her face as I was leaving.

I moved up towards the door of the train, where I could keep an eye on her. Another person had sat down in my former seat, he was quite a bit larger than myself, and was actually taking up more than his seat. Crazy Sewing Lady seemed to have calmed down since my departure.

So for the first ever time, I was actually concerned another passenger might cause me harm. It wasn't a drug crazed maniac, or a drunken yobbo. It was a late 50's woman with a sewing kit.