Now I know Jam works for them, but they're either idiots or bastards.

It seems that Primus have been moving their voice services over to ULL, which cuts off other ISPs ADSL services. This guy was on an iinet dslam and had primus voice services, and now he's had his ADSL removed because primus moved his line to ULL. They realised their "mistake" and provisioned him with Primus ADSL. 3 weeks later he finally gets everything back to how it was.

I'd be seriously pissed if they did that to me.

Labelling a whole company

Labelling a whole company 'idiots or bastards' for something like that is pretty shallow Matt.

Connecting via ULL is the only way to completely remove Telstra from the loop.

I'm pretty sure after such an incident, moves to ULL will probably involve a check for other ADSL services. Hell they probably do already, but who has that information?

Telstra. And we all know how wonderfully reliable their information is.

ya fuckers

only because it's primus

I can't imagine Internode or iiNet would pull that kind of stunt. I hope Primus and Telstra get their procedures sorted out so this doesn't happen again. I'm not really pissed off about it happening, but the fact it took 3 weeks to get sorted out while primus tried to get their own DSL gear on his line instead of iiNet. I'm sorry jam, but it sure looks like you're just defending your own mob.

ULL still doesn't remove telstra, but its about as close as we'll get for at least a few years :(


Are either of them using ULL's for voice lines? In which case, such a 'stunt' might be possible?

Of course I'm defending my own mob... but I still think it's unreasonable to declare an entire company 'idiots or bastards' over one incident. For example, that statement includes me? I've been an iinet customer for several years and suffered a number of really hideous outages in that time, but never once thought they were a bad company.

This is a pretty extreme example of what was probably a miscommunication between Telstra and Primus, and then a misunderstanding between the cutomer and Primus. Did Primus compensate the guy? I certainly hope so.

ya fuckers

iiNet plan to use ULL, yes.

iiNet plan to use ULL, yes. They would ask your permission first.

Your iiNet outages.. were they Telstra related? I haven't had a single issue with ADSL that wasn't Telstra related. You know what I think of Telstra.. (how is your Telstra cable, by the way? )

This isn't just one incident - they're moving a lot of customers over to ULL without informing them. The TIO are now investigating Primus. AFAIK, there has been no compensation.

I'm not calling individual employees idiots, but the company as a whole. I'm sure a lot of people don't think too highly of my employer, that doesn't mean they think the same of individual employees.