Loud Speaker Kit, take 2

After being very happy with my M5 bookshelf speakers from LSK, I decided to buy a C5 center channel speaker to go with them. Yes, I'm slowly building up to a 5.1 system :)

So back in September, I ordered the C5. It only arrived last week, after many delays and LSK telling me lies (they told me "the kits are due in next week!" a couple of times..). The kit arrived in a box that had footprint marks all over it - I don't think TNT couriers took much care with the handling...

So I'm pissed off, but I finally have my speaker kit. I have to say, the wait was worth it. I love how good it looks and sounds. Instead of the clear varnish we used on the M5's, we had the Red Maple veneer, and it looks really really nice. If I didn't know better, I'd swear it wasn't a kit speaker.

I can't take credit for how good the speaker looks, Shelley deserves that credit :)

We did run into a couple of problems. First off, the bag holding the screws had a hole in it, and was missing a screw. That wasn't a major problem, I just used 3 screws instead of 4 to hold the speaker terminal in place.

The second problem was my own damn fault. I mangled one of the spade lugs that connect to the one of the woofers. I'll have to solder it in place on the weekend.

Overall, I'm impressed. The kit was easy and fun to assemble, and sounds great.. even if it did take MONTHS to arrive.