Software "Piracy"

I went out and bought a copy of Company of Heroes from JB Hi-Fi at lunch today. So I leave work right on 5pm so I can get home early and play it.

I get home, put the DVD in and run the installer, only to be asked for a CD key.

The CD key is located in the manual. Uhh. What manual would that be? Looks like somebody removed the manual from my box before I bought it. So now I'm rather pissed. I'll be taking it back to JB as soon as possible - I wonder if they'll believe me.

What's the first thing I do? Why I download a key generator off the internet. I paid good money for software that I'm now technically "pirating".

I really don't know why I bothered buying it in the first place.

Piracy: 1
Legitimate software purchasing: 0