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Now I know Jam works for them, but they're either idiots or bastards.

It seems that Primus have been moving their voice services over to ULL, which cuts off other ISPs ADSL services. This guy was on an iinet dslam and had primus voice services, and now he's had his ADSL removed because primus moved his line to ULL. They realised their "mistake" and provisioned him with Primus ADSL. 3 weeks later he finally gets everything back to how it was.

I'd be seriously pissed if they did that to me.

Sw's blog

Yay! Sw finally got his blog back up and running. If you want to read all about his life, go here!

Car Windscreen

So a bigass crack developed in our Impreza's windscreen yesterday. $270 later and it's replaced.

O'brien glass did the job at Shelley's work. I'll find out how good it looks when I get home...

New Dorksville

I'm testing out Drupal. I hope you like it.

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