Western Plains Zoo

Shelley & I went to Dubbo Zoo this weekend. We stayed at the Carrington hotel in Katoomba on friday night, and somehow got the same room sw had at our wedding! Unlike sw, I was sensible and didn't get changed in front of the window :)

Saturday morning we left the Carrington and drove to Dubbo, and managed to get a few hours in at the zoo before it started raining heavily. So we checked in to the Cattlemans motel. It stopped raining at about 5pm, and thankfully stayed clear until we left on sunday.

I managed to take about 500 photos at the zoo - only about 100 of those were worth putting on the gallery. The 70-200 F4 L lens worked very nicely, however I could have done with a longer lens (yes I know.. it's never big enough, is it?) Lucky the camera shops in Dubbo were closed, or I would have spent another $600 on a 1.4x teleconverter.