Loud Speaker Kit, take 2

After being very happy with my M5 bookshelf speakers from LSK, I decided to buy a C5 center channel speaker to go with them. Yes, I'm slowly building up to a 5.1 system :)

Ass Sol

I always did think he looked like Super Mario...

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Is this covered by warranty?

Somebody at work brought in their Linksys ADSL modem today, they told me it wasn't working.

I can't imagine why it isn't working..

A new home for Dorksville

I signed up for a Dreamhost account, as hosting my own server was getting a bit bandwidth intensive. Dreamhost gives me 200gig of storage and a mind boggling 2TB/month of bandwidth, all for $10/month...!

Software "Piracy"

I went out and bought a copy of Company of Heroes from JB Hi-Fi at lunch today. So I leave work right on 5pm so I can get home early and play it.

I get home, put the DVD in and run the installer, only to be asked for a CD key.

The CD key is located in the manual. Uhh. What manual would that be? Looks like somebody removed the manual from my box before I bought it. So now I'm rather pissed. I'll be taking it back to JB as soon as possible - I wonder if they'll believe me.

Australia Zoo - Tiger Walk

Okay, I've been a bit slack when it comes to updating this site. I totally forgot to mention the really cool Tiger encounter we went on at Australia Zoo.

We went up to Brisbane on my birthday, so I decided to blow some Qantas Frequent Flyer points on an upgrade to business class. Sure, it's only a 90 minute flight, but it's my birthday and I'll fly (business class) if I want to. Maybe I've been infected with J-fever after the upgrade on our LAX-SYD flight coming home from Canada.

Avalon Airshow 2007

I haven't been to an airshow in 16 years. My last airshow was the RAAF 70th show at Richmond in 1991.

Since Deathstar, er, I mean Jetstar fly from Sydney to Avalon (which is where the airshow is held), I figured it would make a nice day trip.

So after getting up at 5am on a weekend, we drive to the airport and find a park in the surprisingly busy (and stupidly designed) domestic carpark. Since we have no bags to check in, we walk right past the check-in queues to the security checkpoint. I swear the security droid said "good evening" to me, even though it was 6:15am. Must have been a long night for him...

Cuddly Knut

BERLIN, Germany Knut the polar bear cub has become the center of attention in a Berlin zoo, but the white little bundle of joy doesn’t know that his life could've been cut short, were it not for much public support and love.

The bear, named Knut, is being raised by a zookeeper in Berlin after being rejected by his mother. He escaped lethal injection after animal rights activists said he would be better off dead. The animal rights activists insisted that hand-raising this animal is a gross violation of animal protection laws. They claim that the zoo is condemning the bear to a dysfunctional life and should therefore put him to death.

and justice for some

Freedom is something we take for granted here, we are pretty lucky, no wars on our doorstep, relative affluence. Even scum of the earth murderers and rapists have a lawyer, a fair trial and are excluded from society for a couple of years, in gaol's that, in comparison to other parts of the world, are like a hotel. Because even vile humans have rights.
It's because of these rights that USA had to torture suspects offshore, Maher Arar was sent to Syria to be tortured. He says here [url][/url] that the severe torture inflicted upon him would force him to say anything the torturers wanted to hear. What a way to get accurate and reliable information...

stupid comics

jam made some stupid comics. so i followed suit.

ogle at the stupidity !

submit your own .... but only if you do not have a single shred of artistic talent (just like us)



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