Why Intellectual Whores?

This term is often misunderstood so I thought I would take a moment to explain what it means and where it came from. This should also help you determine if you are an intellectual whore yourself.

In 1978 the great Woody Allen published a book called Getting Even. In it was a story called "The Whore of Mensa." It was about men who were dating beautiful but stupid women, and had to hire whores to talk to them about intellectual topics. Although the term is not used in the story, I've always thought of that as an "intellectual whore." So this planted the seed of the term.

Later in life I started encountering a certain breed of woman. To begin with they never wanted to sleep with me. Now, this by itself is okay--not all women will want to sleep with me. However, this particular breed wanted to have me around to talk to and to make them laugh, because I was so "entertaining" and "funny." Some of them went so far as to describe our relationship as that of "friends", and a few even had the audacity to talk to me about problems they had with other guys.

Later I realized what had been happening. I was being used for their amusement and entertainment while they were busy fucking outlaw bikers. Of course they weren't interested in me sexually; they were too busy with guys with forearm tattoos. But apparently they still needed some intellectual stimulation. That's when they would call me with an opening line like "Tell me something interesting." or some other not-to-subtle line. I recalled the term intellectual whore and applied it to this situation. These women had made me into their intellectual whore. Since then I have dedicated a large part of my life to avoiding this trap, and the various bitches that try to put you in it.

In short, it does not refer to a "smart slut" as it were, but rather to males who are kept around by women for their mental entertainment. These men usually want to sleep with these women who usually consider these men friends.