Airbus A380 arrives in Sydney

Early this morning I, along with several hundred other people, gathered at the tip of Mrs Macquaries Point on Sydney harbour to get a look at the new Airbus A380 whalejet. F-WWOW is in town to help Qantas celebrate its 85th birthday, after leaving Singapore it headed to Brisbane to be decked out in Qantas logos and then flew to Sydney for a photo shoot over Sydney harbour.

I'm not a huge fan of Airbus aircraft, however I liked the A380 more than I thought I would. It was really bloody quiet for starters, and the big forehead wasn't as bad as I expected.

It was an hour late getting turning up to the harbour, leaving us onlookers and several TV news helicopters waiting. Eventually it did turn up, and did 3 passes over the harbour - directly over the top of us! While that made for a great experience, it wasn't so great for photos.

The A-380 flew over us, then slightly to the east of us - which meant the we were looking in to the sun for the photos. Here are some of my photos.

After leaving the harbour, it landed at Sydney airport and was quickly hidden away in the Qantas Jet Base. It won't be on public display - staff are even not allowed within 30m of it.

I stopped by the airport to take a few more photos of various planes, thanks to Sam for his Sydney Airport Spotting Guide. Photos from spot #3 can be seen here

I managed to get rather sunburnt while at the airport, Shelley says I look like a tomato - but I don't think its *that* bad.


plane fag!!!!!!!1

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